Deep Learning is for everyone

We are eliminating the barrier to entry to AI through a Deep Learning ecosystem that gives everyone access
to state-of-the-art Deep Learning algorithms at their fingertips, without the need for large bodies of code,
expensive infrastructure, and long experiment iterations.

A full machine learning ecosystem

Managed AI

Add AI and deep learning to your organization without the need to build an expensive team or learn an entirely new skillset. Integrate one of our validated, industry-grade models using our seamless API, hire one of our vetted consultants or build your own using our Visual AI platform.

Develop and deliver machine learning without writing a line of code

Our Visual AI platform allows you to design models and experiments, collate datasets and deliver a solution to production, without having to write any machine learning code. Just connect to our API and you are ready to go.

Datasets and training with humans in the loop

Our innovative platform exploits large-scale human supervision for the creation of custom training datasets for any machine learning problem. No challenge is too big or too small, and you decide the price.

Deep Learning is for everyone